What We Do

A successful model that identifies problems, develops solutions and produces positive results.

EQUI Health Partners was created in response to the major issues and dysfunction of larger hospital staffing firms and the upside down system they utilized. Therefore our physician partnership model is concentrated on identifying opportunities and formulating solutions for improvements across the board. We understand that no facility is perfect, however we believe that all have areas of improvement — from staff stability and morale to profitability, from expenses and operational workflow to patient satisfaction and more.

Our team offers problem-solving techniques for the facilities we partner with. We identify problems, develop solutions and execute positive results. Our physicians don’t just punch a time clock for scheduled shifts. Each one of our core team members holds a vested interest in the success of your facility.

We created an evidence-based model that is a win-win for everyone.

Key Physician Partners

Patrick Downs, D.O., Managing Director
The “Fixer”

As a Medical Director of two different facilities over the past 13 years, Dr. Patrick Down’s experience has provided him the canvas to become a professional problem solver in addition to an emergency medicine physician. He is known as “the Fixer” due to his results of: reducing door-to-doctor time, lowering staff turnover ratio and reducing the number of patients leaving without being seen. These are just a few areas of his advancements, while his focus from an administrative level is always on “making the numbers better.” Dr. Downs has extensive experience with administration teams, hospital processes, joint commission survey preparations, credentialing, plus a clear understanding of the politics, rules and regulations.

Exceptional experience. Confident. Determined.

Bruce Kostelnik, D.O., Chief Medical Officer
The “Doer”

Dr. Bruce Kostelnik is Board Certified and trained in emergency medicine. With an intense focus on quality care and a drive for positive patient outcomes, Dr. Kostelnik does everything to ensure clinical excellence and high standards are not only measured but met. As “the Doer,” Dr. Kostelnik focuses on the patient experience, identifies impractical processes or areas in need of improvement and does the tough job of augmenting the process from a clinical standpoint.

Excellence-minded. Acute. Committed.

Hazim Rishmawi, M.D., Chief Operating Officer
The “Task Master”

Dr. Hazim Rishmawi is an experienced emergency medicine physician, who’s strong skillset in time management and corporate compliance, ensures performance and operations are running smoothly for EQUI Health Partners. As “the Task Master,” Dr. Rishmawi’s work ethic and proficiency allow him to handle the most minuscule tasks to the largest endeavors with competence and ease.

Efficient. Ethical. Detailed.

Jesse Dean, M.D., Chief Clinical Officer
The “Thinker”

Dr. Jesse Dean is an experienced Board Certified emergency medicine physician who’s academic excellence is centered on the standards of care and evidence based medicine. As “the Thinker,” Dr. Dean understands that every aspect requires careful consideration and analysis. Therefore it’s fitting that he has an attentive nature and outstanding problem solving skills in and out of the clinic.

Pragmatic. Perceptive. Incisive.

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