Introducing a new physician partnership and sourcing model that offers greater return and benefits.


Delivering balance through collaboration of physicians whose goals are higher quality and greater results.


Equipping hospitals with a partnership that strives to improve quality, proficiency, profitability and patient care.

Equi Health Partners

EQUI Health Partners is a physician partnership company created by a group of physicians, with superior reputations and years of experience, who saw an enormous gap in the physician sourcing industry being unfilled due to ineffective systems. Unlike a contracted conglomerate with its own agenda and a nonviable prototype, we had a vision to creating and sustaining a new model that builds equity through people, improves operations and ultimately enhances the bottom line.

At EQUI Health Partners we do not “staff” a facility, we provide innovative thinking, inter-department equilibrium through collaboration and carefully curate vested physicians whose goals are higher quality and greater results. The team offers problem-solving techniques based on findings from inquiring why, how and what? Why are things being done a certain way? How can they be done differently? And what are the best solutions? We identify problems, develop solutions and execute positive results.

We equip hospitals and emergency departments for the goal of greater outcome: improved proficiency, quality, profitability and ultimately patient care. At EQUI Health Partners we offer a true partnership to maximize a client’s revenue and profits.

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Innovative partnerships for greater outcomes.