With the rising demand of healthcare professionals, it is more important now than ever to invest in the future, especially one that improves outcomes.

Introducing EQUI Health Partners, a new physician partnership company for hospitals and physicians. Our product is a successful and sustainable model that offers greater returns and benefits to those doing the work, providing the care and investing in the patients. It is not a model that rewards an outside corporation.

The benefit begins immediately by inaugurating your hospital with a secured team of vetted and highly skilled doctors and providers. We arm this team with the ability to make changes—changes that positively affect departmental functionality, outcomes and statistics by delivering parity and congruity. We don’t just “staff” a hospital, we provide innovative thinking and partnerships that build equity, equilibrium and equip hospitals for the goal of greater outcomes.


As a physician partnership company, we offer an opportunity to invest in a new physician partnership and sourcing model that builds equity not schedules. A model that allows greater returns for your capital, real partnerships by contracting a “secured team” of providers who are vested, not just plugging docs-in-dates or providers-in-dates.

EQUI Health Partners procures both financial and intangible benefits from profitability to improved patient care. Plus additional benefits that build community value and stock through the “local contract” of physicians not a distant corporation.


Through the partnership of vetted and vested providers in place, our model continues to deliver benefits of stability and equilibrium to your hospital. Arming the team with the ability to make changes of improvement provide positive residuals across the board. Hours are balanced and accountable by the team. Schedules are covered without adversity or agitation and ensure that no last-minute schedule changes or unforeseen pay overages occur. Better communication enhances operational efficiency, while team unity and performance increase. When atmosphere and employee stability improve, employee satisfaction and nurse retention progress as well.


Equipping a hospital with the EQUI model allows control of knowing what physicians are scheduled when, not just filling slots with names or unknowns. We begin by equipping your hospital by inaugurating a secured team of vetted and highly skilled physicians and providers. Then arming the secured team with the ability to make changes provisions this team to positively affect functionality, efficiencies, outcomes and stats.

Because this team is not only committed but vested, this delivers parity and an assurance of no last minute changes that affects huge pay overages.

Through EQUI Health Partners, we deliver a partnership that improves proficiency, quality, profitability and ultimately patient care and satisfaction

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Innovative partnerships for greater outcomes.