Introducing a new physician partnership and sourcing model that offers greater return and benefits.

EQUI Health Partners is a physician partnership company who provides a successful and sustainable partnership model, one that our team members have vested interest in their contract, as opposed to our corporate counterparts. We believe in harboring a family environment where you are part of a tight-knit group. A group that covers and supports one another as opposed to receiving a schedule and punching a time-clock.


By offering our providers an opportunity to “buy in” to our evidence based model, a true investment and partnership allows for both financial and intangible rewards to team members through profit sharing and improved patient care. We provide the opportunity to become vested in your work place and build equity in your career, not a time clock.


The EQUI model delivers more than financial opportunities, it delivers stability through a real partnership, both on paper and as a team. The hours that are balanced and decided between all providers create parity but more importantly schedules are covered and agreed upon upfront without adversity or agitation. With this new model barriers disintegrate, communication opens which allows congruity to occur and team unification to build. Thus creating equilibrium and a healthy and more pleasant work environment.


At EQUI Health Partners, we believe that furnishing a model that equips you with the ability to make changes and overcome classic or chronic issues gives our providers control of their work place as well as their reputation. It provides parity so that no physician or provider has a huge overage of hours or pay. And by inaugurating your team with vetted and highly skilled physicians, it equips you with a partnership that positively affects overall quality, career satisfaction and ultimately your bottom line through profit sharing.

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